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 Open to the future of Energy  
Solar Cells Hellas Group provides high quality professional solutions for the realization of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) projects, including the development of techno economic studies for energy and energy saving projects as well as the design, procurement of equipment, construction, operation and maintenance of PV plants.
The Group is the first vertically integrated PV producer in Southeast Europe, operating state-of-the art production equipment, of the highest industrial standards, to produce high quality wafers, cells and modules.
Solar Cells Hellas Group manages a PV portfolio with total capacity 400 MW in the Greek territory, 300 MW of which are owned parks and are included in Fast Track process, ensuring speedy completion of the licensing process.
So far, Solar Cells Hellas has constructed and connected to the grid photovoltaic parks with total capacity of more than 45MW and provides maintenance services and operating more than 35MW.






Pitarokoilis Sofoklis, General Managerof Solar Cells Hellas SA re-elected to the Board of the Hellenic Association of Photovoltaic Companies (HELAPCO).


Panagakos Dimitrios and Pitarokoilis Sofoclis, President and General Manager of Solar Cells Hellas SA respectively, attended the lecture by the Nobel Laureate Economist Paul Krugman.

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Beginning of reception for PVs connection requests with net metering in the LV network.



There are no current vacancies available at the moment.
For future opportunities at Solar Cells Hellas Group you can send your CV at the
following e-mail address:


 We are an industry committed to excellence efficiency environmental protection driven by technological development.
 We believe sustainability can be achieved only through the exploitation of renewable energy sources and particularly Solar.